What’s YOUR calling?

By: Emma K. Marvel

(Website: MoreThanRubies.blog)

Remember back to the days when everyone asked you what you wanted to be when you “grew up?”

Well, those days it was simple, you answered with whatever activity you were currently the most passionate about or enthralled with.  I myself had two options, the way I saw it.  TMNT

Option A) A Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle (because it was a legit job, like someone had to do it right?)

and Option B) A firefighter. Oddly enough, those things were never what I pretended to be during play.

I always pretended to be a powerful business operator who lived in a highrise in some fast-paced downtown metropolis, or a school teacher! Talk about opposites right?

But now, as a young professional, in my early 30’s, I have done some serious soul-searching and when I look back upon earlier versions of myself I see many facets of passions I still have.  Maybe they are ingrained into the fabric of my personality because I can now see why I cared about those different professions…

For Example:  I thought I wanted to be a School Teacherschool-teacher (which I ended up getting to try my hand at for 3 years!) because I have always possessed a joy for learning and helping others discover their brightness. I didn’t have to become a teacher to fill those roles, however as a child I did not know all the many applicable options.


business-executiveI thought I wanted to be a strong and powerful business executive because they have the freedom and autonomy to run things their own way and to pursue risky opportunities without much input or limitation from an overseer.


I thought I wanted to be a firefighter (which I also did on a Firefightervolunteer basis for about 2 years) because I value life and health, and I look up to those who are willing to sacrifice themselves and their life and health in order to make safety a priority for others! I also am drawn to physical prowess and the idea that you might earn a living dangerously! (Like a spy or CIA agent…)


I thought I wanted to be a Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle because well, I wanted to be a “Bad-Mamajamma”…but they are just so darn pure-of-heart that it’s the best combo ever–like a double agent with a conscience. lol. ninja-turtle I am drawn to the strength, danger, valor, and goodness in them. And though I’ve sadly discovered (as we all do) that Santa isn’t real (or at least not still a part of the land of the living) AND being a Ninja Turtle is not a viable occupation–I have come to the realization that I can still combine all the things that attract me to these many jobs and use this info to help guide me in my search for purpose, my search for a place where I can experience usefulness, and that ultimate vocation that God has always intended for me to have.

Do I know the name of this “ethereal” role? I think so…

…but I am in the same boat as you…

we will have to continue on this journey of growth, everyday seeking first to understand, and then to learn the depth of our value in the kingdom of God,

and how our many strengths and passions align with God’s intents and purposes for this life—-and what kind of “damage” (in a good way 😉 ) He would have us inflict upon our arenas of influence.

Are you ready to search it out? To find yourself? And to do some real “damage” while you are here on this Earth?  Me too… let’s seek it out together.




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